Dr. William Osler Dissection Image, 1889

Construction is still obviously ongoing but I just wanted to take a moment to mix things up a bit…

Below is a wonderful image of famed neurologist Dr. William Osler (1849-1919) and Dr. Charles K. Mills (1845-1931) along with their students in Osler’s autopsy room at The Blockley Almshouse, 1889.

Photographer unidentified.

Student list includes future doctors: Kahn, McMillan, Ashton, Voorhees, Casper Sharples, Varmiman, Macleary, Bloomfield, N.J Sharples, Jamison, Miller, and two others.

The Blockley Almshouse, nicknamed “Old Blockley” was later known as Philadelphia General Hospital (PGH) in 1919.

Opened in 1732, the charity hospital and poorhouse was located in West Philadelphia. It was operated by a city committee known as the Guardians of the Poor, and quickly gained a reputation for providing rather miserable patient care.

PGH closed in 1977.

Took me awhile to digitally remove tears, large creases etc. but take a look at the new pristine image! Drs. Osler and Mills are in the center of the image at the foot of the autopsy tables.

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