Morton Skull Collection images included in UPENN Museum symposium!

Last night a symposium was presented by The University of Pennsylvania’s Museum of Archeology and Anthropology and the University of Pennsylvania’s Center for Neuroscience & Society entitled From Skulls to Scans: How Brain Measurements Have Been Used, Misused and Misunderstood in the Study of Racial Differences. Interdisciplinary presenters included the wonderful Janet Monge, PhD, Curator Penn Museum who spoke on the history of The Morton Collection with a talk entitled Of Mice, Men and Morton: How Brain Size Was (And Is!) Misused to Measure Intelligence; Geoffrey Aguirre, MD, PhD, who spoke on brain imaging with a talk entitled Modern Brain Imaging of Group Differences: How Things Can Still Go Wrong; followed by a commentary by Dorothy Robertson, JD.

The presentations were wonderful and informative and further demonstrate the need of museums, and universities to hold more interdisciplinary lectures and symposiums of this kind – that is to say, those that bridge gaps between archeology and medical science, art and medicine, etc.

But, as fabulous as the lecture was, on a more personal note, several of my images and a brief mention of my research with the Morton Collection was shown as part of Dr. Monge’s lecture, which was a true honor and so very, very, exciting!! click on the image below.